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It has always been a matter of curiosity where the name of our cafe came from.

The ancient city of Dara, dating back 2300 years, is one of the most glorious settlements in the region of Mardin. A typical Roman city with its interesting rock tombs and churches, necropolis, cisterns, bridges, strong city walls, agora and public areas, Dara Ancient City is waiting to be discovered as the Ephesus of the Southeastern Anatolia region. The city carved out of rocks, still has secrets to reveal.

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7:00 am – 5:00 pm
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Delicious Coffee

Delicious and pleasant coffee is waiting for you with our cozy cafe, there is any coffee for any gourmet

Stunned Burgers

Tender and juicy meat, the freshest ingredients make our burgers uncommon to taste

Pleasant Desserts

The most unusual and tasty desserts from our chefs will not leave you without a sweetie

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Do not forget to take a look at our menu, which includes traditional English and Turkish Breakfasts, as well as special flavors for every palate.

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